Membership Now Comes With A "TwinBox"

Fed up with Facebook?

Us too. We’ve been thinking: maybe it’s time to go back to analog messaging.  

You know—the “real” world?

We’re not just talking about any old crappy real world.
We’re talking about Twin Peaks.

Wait, what?

No, Trent Reznor will not be giving a nine minute song performance at HER. Instead, we’re introducing a new Twin Peaks-based messaging platform we’re calling “MeetMail.”

For $20 a month, you will receive your very own authentic Twin Peaks inspired mailbox in an original set piece from the Great Northern.

Here's how it all started: Alex Kostelnik (of 2020 Cycle) “sold” Hollow Earth Radio this fabulous original piece from the cult-classic 90’s TV show for the low, low price of just come get this out of my shop already.”

And so we did. It’s an extremely special artifact and we’re super happy to have it in our space to share with all of you.

What's MeetMail?

If you live in the Seattle metro area you can sign up to become a Hollow Earth Radio member below, and - for as little as $20 a month - you will receive a hand-crafted ‘hotel key’ keychain that corresponds to one of the room numbers in the Great Northern Lodge mailbox set piece.

The keychains look like this:

They don’t actually open anything, but if you meet us down at the station during public hours you can flash your number to the person working at the front desk*, and retrieve the contents of your ‘Twinbox’. (*Our public hours are sporadic, but Friday and Saturday 8pm to midnight is a pretty safe bet as we are typically hosting in-studio events open to the public).

And what will you find in your TwinBox?

Well, sometimes it will be nothing. And maybe that’s fine!
Congratulations: You've achieved Inbox Zero!

But of course, we will also be working on providing all our Twinbox members some special gifts lovingly curated by our DJs, including: mixtapes, zines, love letters, weird stuff found at the Goodwill "bins", or like this random can of sardines in tomato sauce that got left at the station with a plastic rose and a bear teddy bear on Valentines Day. You know, stuff like that. MeetMail will be one part White Elephant Gift Exchange, one part middle-school locker, and one part a complete replacement for your boring old email address that never has anything good in it any damn way.

Using MeetMail, you can feel confident that we won't sell any of the data or contents of your letters like some other, ahem, “messaging” providers. So go ahead and give out your special MeetMail inbox number; your friends can slip secret messages addressed to you through our front door mail slot and we'll put them in your box for you (we have a guaranteed 24/7 uptime).

People can also write you though the United States Postal Service like so:

meetmail:[your box number]
Hollow Earth Radio
2018a E. Union St
Seattle, Wa

Anyway! That’s it! What are you waiting for? Delete your email account and sign up for MeetMail today. Whats in you email anyway? Do you really care that rando website you visited once 4 years ago just updated their privacy policy or whatever? Shut it down. We’re absolutely serious about this! And become a recurring member at Hollow Earth Radio because that is a huge perk in and of itself. We're a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit, so your donation is tax-deductible and your support also goes towards sustaining real (weird) community radio and keeping the freak vibe alive!

P.S. Any pledge over $10 a month will also receive our official KHUH t-shirt. We'll put it in your TwinBox for pickup! Just choose your size when you sign up below and make sure to 'Add' your size.


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